Occupational Therapy Developmental Skills Checklist (0-36 months)

0-3 months

Moves arms symmetrically 
Can bring hands to midline while on back 
Blinks at sudden visual stimulus 
Grasps toy actively 
Keeps hands open 50 percent of the time 
Turns head to both sides while on back 
Lifts head while on stomach 
Extends both legs 
Rolls from side to back 
Opens and closes mouth in response to food 
Naps frequently 
Stays awake for longer periods without crying – usually in p.m. 
Coordinates sucking, swallowing, and breathing 


3-6 months

Follows a moving object with eyes while in supported sitting 
Clasps hands 
Keeps hands open most of the time 
Reaches and grasps object 
Drops object 
Rolls from back to side 
Bears almost all weight on legs 
Holds head erect when leaning forward 
Sits momentarily leaning on hands 
Uses tongue to move food in mouth 
Recognizes bottle visually, pats bottle 
Sleeps at night, for 10-12 hours with night awakening 
Places both hands on bottle 
Mouths and munches solid foods 


6-9 months- Download and print a copy here